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  1. Close To Death    

  2. Haunted Places    

  3. "After Life"    

  4. Still Haunting    

  5. It's Gone    

  6. Nobody Trusts Me    

  7. Prophecy

  8. Dark As Hell    

  9. Unexplained  

  10. UFO & Aliens

* You can choose any of the above topic to write. But we will need your own story title if you can name it. The above topics are not a must to stick with, if you have one crazy story but not fitting the topics, we would like to hear too and will find the right place for it. Scare me if you cant!


Within 1000 words please, it's ok if you really need more words for your story, we will try or help edit it.


Please include at least 1 to maximum 3 images of your story. If you don't have any photo about the story, you can create your own illustration, if not, we can also help.


English (More language is possible If someone would like to help translate or if we have any budget.)


Send your story to our email or DM us on our instagram @invasianmagazine. When you email to us, please mark the subject as:

Haunted Graffiti Stories - Your name - Country - Year

and kindly let us know which topic you picked. Thanks!

Have you ever experienced any spooky or creepy incidents when you did graffiti with your friends? Any unexplainable things happened during your mission? Or an action that might put you in death?

Invasian is collecting "haunted graffiti stories" / "the weirdest graffiti story' for our next book project. If you have experienced anything real, super weird or haunted that is related to graffiti writing in Asia, please share your stories with us.

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