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 1 - 15/6/2021


21 - 23/6/2021


Mais (FR)

Slacsatu (SG)

Storm (DK)


A year has gone, the pandemic is still around and hits some countries even worse especially in Asia. They are facing lockdown (first time / again) and shops or business are forced to close. To support artists,

freelancers and business owners,

Invasian has decided to continue

organizing another 3 battles like

last year:

(1)  Graffiti Sketch Writing (Worldwide)

(2)  Hip Hop Music (TBC)

(3)  Any suggestion? (TBC)

Cash prize will be given to winner.





16 - 23/6/2021




75% - Judges
25% - Online vote
(Votes - based on the likes of the work uploaded to Invasian IG)

* Top 10 works will be chosen by judges and Invasian, next uploaded to be voted by the public and final scored by the judges, the last winner will be given the cash prize.


Based on...

  • creativity

  • originality

  • style beauty

  • letter connection

  • visual composition


Send your image to us, file size within 500KB-5MB, send to our email or DM us on our instagram @invasianmagazine. When you send to us, please include these information such as your country, crew and tag.


Your work must include...

  • “We Are” - Tag style

  • “One” - Throw-up / bubble style

  • “Nation” - Piece style

        (No limit on capital or small letters)

  • One black and white photo as background

* Do not include your own crew, tag, logo and date. Cartoon characters / figures / other objects drawing are allowed.


Your work must include and be limited with these 3 colors: black, white and red only.


We provide a series of photo background choices (click here and go to the page where you can grab the photos) for you but you are very welcome to take your own photo. It has to black and white.


Sketch by hands / digital are both accepted.

Usually we don’t prefer contest we prefer jam or share things for fun, but since we want to contribute a little support to our audience financially, and due to the difficulty to ship things in this period, we’ll transfer you you must have a bank account or PayPal.

We suggest if you have a regular job and your employer still pay you, you should give this chance to those who don’t, we prefer freelancers, artists or business owners who have strong impact or struggle because of COVID-19 pandemic, that they are invited to participate in this contest .If you are out of the category but still want to join, you are welcome too, and maybe you can share the prize with the others who need it, if you win.

Good luck and have fun everyone!

You may like our Facebook page / follow our Instagram / subscribe to our website / become our site member, in order to follow the news. Top 10 participants’ works will be uploaded to the mentioned platforms and you can share to your friends. You are allowed to share your own work and tag @invasianmagazine on Instagram story or post as well if you have finished your work. Tagging us means you have agreed that we share your work via our Instagram story before the result announcement.

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