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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Last year we organized three battles in order to support artists and freelancers. Unfortunately the pandemic hits back many Asian countries and some are facing lockdown for the first time or again without knowing when they can be left alone and carry on their normal life.

Mais, the winner from our last graffiti sketch battle Write Here Write Now, who was kind enough to donate his prize back to Invasian Magazine so that we can continue our support to Asian graffiti and urban culture. However, we decided at the end that the prize will be shared to the top 10 participants and Mais will sponsor our next battle. Thanks to Mais, here we go again!

This time is a bit different than the last graffiti sketch battle. Mais suggested to have an extra photo as background so the participants can draw on top, either by hands or digital drawing tools.

We provide some photos taken in Asia for the participants to choose. If you want to join the battle, please read the rules here, you can either choose one of the following images to use it for your sketch or simply take your own photo, there is no limit on countries or the types of image if they want to use your own. Otherwise, if you want to use our photos, just click the image and drag it to your computer. If you want to support us with the amazing photos you took in Asia and let the participants choose yours, you can email your photos to us: We will give you credit via our post, or if the participants use your photos at the end we will also link it to your IG account when we show their sketches on our Instagram.

Together with Mais, Slacsatu from Singapore and Storm from Denmark will be our judges for this battle. The deadline is on 15/06/2021. There will be still around 2 weeks for your submission. Feel free to spread around and let anyone know if you think he or she could be interested in this battle.


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