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"We Are One Nation" Submitted Works

Last year we organized our online graffiti sketch battle "Write Here Write Now" in order to support freelancers or artists as their normal life and jobs got hits by the Covid-19 badly. We received 30 entries in total and Mais took the crown.

Due to the never ending pandemic, and the generosity of Mais who sponsored the cash prize for our battle this year, we organized again another sketch contest, called "We Are One Nation". we received fewer entries than last year, does it mean in general people are busy with their works as the pandemic is over in their countries? Or because the lock down in their countries is done so they didn't want to get stuck at home and sketch? Either way, we hope so.

The online vote is finished and we will announce the winner in couple of day. Before that, here you can see every submitted sketch.

ENTRY 001. Sinek / Wafact / USA (Row 1, left) @we_are231

ENTRY 002. Dios / Indonesia (Surabaya) (Row 1, middle) @diocemix

ENTRY 003. Vera Chiu / Hong Kong (Row 1, right) @verachiutheartist

ENTRY 004. Cola / MFG / Hong Kong (Row 2, left)

ENTRY 005. AgreOne / Philippines (Row 2, middle)

ENTRY 006. Chiga / Taiwan (Row 2, right) @chiga_art_tw

ENTRY 007. Chiga / Taiwan (Row 3, left) @chiga_art_tw

ENTRY 008. Cabal / OK, TFK. TAC / Indonesia (Row 3, middle) @cabalrandom

ENTRY 009. Geniu / M86 / China (Row 3, right)

ENTRY 010. Chiga / Taiwan (Row 4, left) @chiga_art_tw

ENTRY 011. Dsync / FTZ / Hong Kong (Row 4, middle) @des1nc

ENTRY 012. Hoken / GT, ZNC, BAG / China (Row 4 right)

ENTRY 013. Patem07 / GT, BAG / China (Row 5, middle)

ENTRY 014. Denio / GT / China (Row 5, middle)

ENTRY 015. Nevs / LGS, TFK, NBK / Philippines (Row 5, right) @patricknevs

ENTRY 016. Faso1 / NDC / Taiwan (Kaohsiung) (Row 6, middle) @bbbchapin

ENTRY 017. Jaws13 / Indonesia (Row 6, middle) @jawstigabelas


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