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Write Here Write Now Winner

Our first battle for this year is over, how we started? check here:

And who is our winner? Da Tan...! Our winner is MAIS, reppin' 5D crew from Hong Kong and France.

To be honest the quality of works are very high, the scores are close and the judges had a hard time to rank everyone. Thank you to our judges Persue (USA), Reso (FR) and Berst (NZ) for supporting us. If you want to check all the submitted work, you can find them here:

In case you want to know how we pick up the winner, here is the final ranking sheet and vote from public.

As many of you might know, we will give HK$1500 cash prize to our winner. We have contacted MAIS for the prize arrangement, however, he decided to give up on the prize and wanted to give it back to Invasian.

He even wanted to donate another HK$1500 to share to our TOP 10 participants! At the end we decided to keep his donation for our next battle, so now you know we'll organize another one in the near future, yeah!

It is a very good sample to show we can always share what we have, in order to make the world more equal, and share our love and care to people who are even far from us. At the end each of the TOP 10 participants will get HK$150.

HK$150 is nothing perhaps in many people's eyes, in 2008 Invasian visited The Philippines the first time, we realized a beer there costs HK$5 and HK$10 could already purchase a meal, we also knew lots of writers there in fact could earn less than HK$1500 a month in Philippines. We are sure this situation

happens not only in The Philippines but also Indonesia, China, India and more places.

We have already transferred money to some participants. It is also possible to exchange the cash to graffiti suppliers with your local graffiti store, we'll transfer the cash to them instead. Although we have to pay more at the end because of the transfer fee for 9 people, we are happy for this act if this could put a smile to more people. To clear your doubt, we ensure you we are not doing money laundering lol.

Invasian barely make money, the budget for the three battles came from the team's contribution. We are not crazy rich we are also just artists and freelancers. You are welcome to help us update the blog if you want to promote urban culture or hip hop scene of your country in Asia. Your support means a lot to us. If you have ideas and comments that help us to improve our next battle, feel free to contact us on


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