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Tribute to Akira Toriyama (1955-2024)

Updated: Apr 18

If you love reading Japanese manga or comics, it is hard to imagine that you have never read the manga Dragon Balls or heard of Dr. Slump. And if we talk about important authors in the history of manga or Japanese comics artists, the name Akira Toriyama ( 鳥山 明 ) would be probably the ones that come first to mind. Unfortunately, the 68-year-old manga artist passed away at the beginning of last month this year 2024. May his manga characters' spirit always live in our heart.

Illustration by Invasian Magazine.

Akira Toriyama was one of the best and most successful manga (comics) artists from Japan. His 2nd

manga series, Dragon Ball, which sold 260 million copies worldwide, was highly popular around the world, more than One Piece, Detective Conan, Slam Dunk, Naruto, Attack on Titan... if we talk about average sales per volume. It is one of the best-selling manga series of all time and is considered to be one of the main reasons for the period when manga circulation was at its highest in the mid-1980s and mid-1990s.

We have been collecting Tribute pieces or murals, as well as pieces with Dragon Balls theme from graffiti writers / artists from different countries. The oldest one we received was done in 2002. Just to show how much love and respects to the manga artist from the graffiti scene across the globe. Thanks everyone who has shared your photos with us. Photo credits all go to the artists.


FlipOne (SBA), The Philippines, 1999

FlipOne (SBA), FlowOne (SBA), The Philippines, 2002

Devil (dn6), Hong Kong, 2023

Mais (5D), Hong Kong, 2024

Ships, Hong Kong, 2024

Noash (Triad), Hong Kong, 2024

Enzy (SWL), Rust (SWL), Santino (SWL), The Philippines, 2024

Enzy (SWL), The Philippines, 2024

Rust (SWL), The Philippines, 2024

Santio (SWL), The Philippines, 2024

Antz (RSCLS), Singapore, 2024

9rush, Patter, Taiwan, 2024

Orang (FCS), Xiang (FCS), Eason (FCS), Taiwan, 2024

Orang (FCS), Taiwan, 2024

Xiang (FCS), Taiwan, 2024

Eason (FCS), Taiwan, 2024

R.I.P. Akira Toriyama by FCS crew, Taiwan, 2024


Roux (NF), France, 2024

Mo, Vera, Symbol, Redy (BNS), Berlin, 2024

Mo, Vera, Symbol, Berlin, 2024

Redy (BNS), Mo, Berlin, 2024

Redy (BNS), Berlin, 2024


You probably noticed there was a huge tribute mural done in Peru with over 40 graffiti writers and artists, and they are Peko (NFS), Doken (NFS), Clow (NFS), Dagner, Dors, Ars, Leon, Lucy, Pjone (N2S), Terco, Neram, Color Energia, Pain, FCK, Lecht, Gus, Dase, Zaym, Maus, Nino, Foer, Gasper, Mania, Confusion Nublada, Frodo, Sol De Noche, Eras, Hector Ilustra, Julieta In The House, Sarek, Murga, AlonerLONER, Ctuxx, Mistruco, Trazo, Jatoner, Dibu, Giordy Foko, Deckced, Sane, Gipor (SLC),

Jurgen, Dumser, Niero. The mural was organized by the local graffiti crew NFS. We will come back to this mural in the next article, but first you can have a look with this amazing mural.

Color Energia, Dcans, Ars, Doken (NFS), Dagner, Peru, 2024

Color Energia, Dcans, ArsDoken (NFS), Dagner (NFS), Pjone (N2S), Terco, Hector Ilustra, Peru, 2024

Zaym, Maus, Niero, Dumser, Leon, Peru, 2024

Dumser, Leon, Jurgen, Frodo, Foer, Eras, Gipor (SLC), Peru, 2024

Dumser, Leon, Jurgen, Frodo, Foer, Eras, Gipor (SLC), Sane, Jurgen, Deckced, Peru, 2024

Eras, Gipor (SLC), Sane, Jurgen, Deckced, UNS, Giordy Foko, Peru, 2024

Peko (NFS), Julieta In The House, Mania, Trazo, Pjone (N2S), Jatoner, Terco, Peru, 2024

Peko (NFS), Mania, Pjone (N2S), Trazo, Jatoner, Terco, Peru, 2024

Trazo, Pjone (N2S) Jatoner, Terco, Peru, 2024

If you have done any pieces or murals with the related topic or theme, you can share them to us if you also want. We can include them in this post. There is no deadline or time limit on this post as soon as we are still running the magazine and the website.


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