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Updated: Jan 31, 2019

You might have wondered why it look so long for Invasian Magazine to come back, the last issue was released 5 years ago and the website was gone for 4 years. One of the reasons is that I relocated to Berlin, that is part of the difficulties to operate the whole thing outside Asia. Next the domain was stolen, I tried with many people in different ways but it didn't work out. And the 3rd reason was that I focused on something that I have promised to my brother since 2005, so when I think of how much effort and energy that I spent on Invasian and the culture, I think I should finish a promise to my blood related family member too.

Therefore I started working on an animation I promised that it has to be finished within 10 years, at that time I had 1 year left to get it done.

星豆大作戰 | Hong Kong Cafe Let's Fight Together

This year, an hour stop-motion animation film was finally completed! Its premiere screening was held at Festival of Animation Berlin couple weeks ago. It's an award-winning film at the end, I still couldn't believe it. Thanks again to the organizers of FAB for holding such a nice festival.

I also trimmed it to a 90-second short film and submitted to another film festival in UK under DepicT! category. This is one of my favourite scenes – "Pepper-Salt-Battle", surprisingly it's short-listed in the coming Encounters Film Festival in Bristol and will be screening at Watershed Cinema 3 on the 29th of September at 15:30.


I'm sorry, the full film I can't show to the public yet, but if you want to the watch the Pepper-Salt-Battle, please click here.

There will be a competition, although I don't like competition in general and this kind of voting system, your votes and comments count, and this might help Invasian in the future, that's why I'm trying. But this will be due on 28/09/2018, so hurry!


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