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CN x DE Hip Hop Cultural Xchange

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Not sure if you know that Invasian helps organize or plan Hip Hop Cultural Xchange projects between Asia and Europe from time to time. We couldn't bring further to other continents but we are trying, hopefully one day we will reach you.

Together with ABS from China and On The Run from Germany, we bridged artists from both side in Berlin about 10 days ago. Andc and DJ Wesley visited the city for about a week, meeting Berlin DJs like Marc Hype aka DJ Hype, who has been a DJ behind the turntables since 1988, won the ITF German DJ Championships twice in '98 & '99, also DJ Robert Smith, who just took the DMC Germany Championship last year in 2017. As you might know initially there are 4 basic elements of Hip Hop, DJ, MC, Break-dance, Graffiti, in fact there are more than that, let's hear how Marc Hype explained to us.

In this video Wesley had his voice recorded and mixed by DJ Robert Smith. Smith spoke in Chinese in between, "Tell them what is Hip Hop".

We visited one of the most interesting "graffiti" spots (probably long time ago) –– Teufelsberg, located in west Berlin. It used to be a U.S. spy center or listening station during the Cold War. Since recent years this place has became a tourist spot... also like an outdoor urban art gallery.

Teufelsberg, Berlin
Photo by Andc

In between, Andc and Wesley also visited the famous dance school Flying Steps Academy. Found this video from their YouTube channel. By the way, they are throwing a show together with probably has the most IG followers graffiti artists in the world Os Gemeos starting next year on 5th April, 2019.

Is beatbox an element of Hip Hop? It's not the classic one but it's also can't be neglected, this fifth element can be found among the rest often, and indeed, it's as powerful and amazing as the others . We had luck to join a beatbox workshop hosted by Razzz, and Johannes (whom we met in Shanghai 8 years ago) was coaching to his students, DJ Wesley and Johannes had an improvised beatbox jam together, check it out.

At the end, the guys went to Badehaus, a bar located near to the Urban Spree, it has a music room that hosts live concerts & jazz sessions. What makes it more special is that on every Tuesday they have this open mic and jam session, "The SWAG JAMs". Thanks to my friend MC Zhi from Symbiz who introduced this place to me last year. "The SWAG" band plays Hip Hop, Soul & Funky Grooves hosting rappers, singers and beatboxers from all over the world including visiting stars like Dead Prez, John Forte (The Fugees), Jeru The Damaja, Bilal, Robert Glasper, Marteria, Kool Savas and many more. If you love Hip Hop music, you surely will find lots of great rappers and their free style rap on Tuesday evening there.


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