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Break The Chain Hong Kong

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

"Break the chain" was created by the HK Wildlife trade working group, ADMCF Capital Foundation and A.L.A.N* to raise public support to the private members bill in Hong Kong to step up the fight against the illegal wildlife trade, by incorporating wildlife crime offences into the Organised and Serious Crimes Ordinance (OSCO). It is an initiative of the two parties and the project is now calling for artists, especially those who love animals and nature.

In 2018, more than 700 seizures were made in Hong Kong, which included a major case of 7 tonnes of pangolin scales shipped from Nigeria by sea container. Other commonly intercepted CITES species include live tortoises / turtles, seahorses and timbers. Every 21 minutes there is one pangolin poached.

Hong Kong is the wildlife trafficking hub of the world. Every form of wildlife is illegally smuggled through HK. The laws in Hong Kong surrounding wildlife crime are insufficient and as such are not a big enough deterrent to the criminals. A bill is being put through that would elevate “wildlife crime” to “organised and serious crime”.

This is huge. Being elevated to this category would enable the full power of the HK police force behind prosecuting those mastermind’s behind the scenes.

For this to happen public support in the form of 10,000 signatures needs to be raised. Please visit the link : and SIGN, then share!

If you’re a creative, you are welcome to join the project.

If you’re a wall owner, the artists would love to make your wall pretty and feel free to contact A.L.A.N and email them on

*ARTISTS who LOVE ANIMALS & NATURE (ALAN) is a non-profit platform created to bring together artists who want to help raise awareness of animal conservation and environmental issues. Aiming to create talking points and drive social change, ALAN unites like-minded talent for artistic collaboration in pursuit of a common goal.

Couple of murals are being painted by local artists not only that but with AR (Augmented Reality) on top! More are coming, so, stay tuned, or join! Let's make noise for the voiceless animals. Hopefully together we can make the change and reverse the story before the animals go extinct.

Check out the following sick promotional video.

Stage 1

MUSIC : Babani

SHOOT / EDIT : @andy.Hk / @thecollectivehk


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