There were 20 entries submitted in total. We would like to thank you everyone who participated in the battle.

ENTRY 001  -  Paraluman

Emcee: AJMG
Music Composer: AJMG (Alvin Jhun Manaog Gines)
Video: AJMG

Model: Lara Michaela Perez-Gines

Instagram: @xplct_music

ENTRY 002  -  Noli Mi Tang Ine


Emcee: Rodell a.k.a Crhyme Aye’dehart
Music Producer: Calabeatpenge
Image Photographer: Anthony Maglinte

ENTRY 003  -  Anay Ng Arkipelago

Emcee: Reagan
Music Composer: Franklin Reagan I.Abuso
Visual: Reagan

ENTRY 004  -  Tunay

Emcee: BNY
Beat Producer: Third Hell Music
Visual: Pmack Rivera
Video Shot: John Paul Rivera & Harry Illustrisimo
Video editor: Banny Balonzo

ENTRY 005  -  Tamadyante

Emcee: Grudge
Music Composer: Grudge
Mixed & Mastered: Grudge
Beat Producer: Enzybeats
Visual: Grudge


ENTRY 006  -  Adultung Problem - Ahmir ft. Ray

Emcee: Ahmir A. Munoz
Music Composer: Ahmir A. Munoz

Image Photogropher: Ray Secopito

ENTRY 007  -  Sergio - Talangka


Emcee: Sergio
Beat Producer: Fyazz

Music Composer: Sergio
Video: Sergio

ENTRY 008  -  Bawal Nega

Emcee: J.Ric
Music Producer: Adrian Mistah Umengan
Mixed & Mastered: Adrian Mistah Umengan
Recorded: Matik Music Entertainment
Video Director & Editor: Jeric Evangelista
Videographer: Rm Barboza

ENTRY 009  -  Lovestory

Emcee: Big R
Music Producer: Eversince
Illustrator: OxiCREATION

ENTRY 010  -  Kayamanan

Emcee: Emmii E
Music Composer: Emmii E
Visual: Emmii E


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