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Mahjong Keyboard Sets

There are always ways to combine work and entertainment, if you love playing Mahjong, here maybe an option for you.

To be honest, I have no idea how to play Mahjong, as a Chinese, it's not that normal, even my foreign friends know how to play. One funny story of them was, they travelled to an island in Thailand, they were pretty bored and wanted to do something else besides swimming. Eventually they were addicted to Mahjong enough that they crafted their own Mahjong set with wood that they found on the island, drawing their fantasy images as how they imagined titles would alike. I promise to upload that Mahjong photo if I ever visit that friend's flat again.

One thing I do love the concept with "East", "South", "West" and "North" keys replacing the arrows "right", "down", "left" and "up". You can actually buy the sets online but they are not cheap tho.

It seems like you can buy the set with the "flowers", "direction" and "numbers", etc. separately. It doesn't come with the complete set and the keyboard itself.

Thanks Wilfred for sharing.



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