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Get Go Games

Ok I feel a bit weird to promote about my own stuff here, but since I made a promise, here is my coming solo exhibition – Get Go Games 「兒時油嬉」, that I combine interpretations with 10 childhood games from Hong Kong, to share a collective game memory with audiences overseas. But my exhibition is about Asian games, so I guess it is not that off the topic, just the exhibition is not held in Asia.

Thanks to NGO DEI, my show will be hosted at their space in Prague, Czech Rrepublic, starting from 24th July, 2021 and will last for 3 weeks.

NGO DEI (我地) is a non-profit organization based in Prague, which started by a group of Czech and Hong Kong people. In Cantonese,「我地」means ‘Us’ or ‘My Land’. In English interpretation, D.E.I. represents Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. The NGO is formed by three founders: Loretta Lau, Jakub Zajicek, and Ingrid Wong. They hope to assemble people to share their cultures and ideas, and hopefully the place will become a collaborative space for everybody who has the urge to advocate their beliefs and missions. ‘Perseverance and Solidarity’ (逆境自存,群策群力) is the spirit of Hong Kong. In this difficult time of Pandemic, people need to be persistent and unified, that’s the way to recover and to benefit the community. Like we always talk about in Hip Hop and urban culture – solidarity / unity, each one teach one, keep rockin', and stay strong.

The above two images are how they place used to look like. The space was formerly a factory for badges and medals since 1898. In 2018, it became a cultural space in Letná focusing on craft and art workshops as the Znak, organized by the Linhart Foundation. Under great support from Linhart Foundation, NGO DEI continues its mission and vision, to inspire and support projects contributing to the development of opinions, social and artistic attitudes of today’s younger generations.

NGO DEI have been organizing lots of programs and activities such as photography exhibition, flea market, life drawing session, even cookery class. Moreover, there will be Hong Kong Festival, Taiwan-Mandarin Summer Camp, varies of exhibitions and more coming. Oo..o, did I forget to mention that they also run a Hong Kong Cafe (茶餐廳)? Can't wait to taste their milk tea and egg tarts. Not a fan of milk tea? How about bringing a plant in order to exchange a free coffee? But I have to remind you that today is the last day for this action. If you read this in time, just go there today and help contribute to their botanical garden, and you will get a free coffee too. Sounds like a perfect deal to me.

The place is pretty interesting and cool, right?

Wish I could be there sooner and check out their hub. For me, it is still 3 weeks to go. At least I can show you a few flicks what I have prepared for my show. Sneak Peak with 3 games : )

They are all hand drawn and packed, the rest I am still working, besides the games that you are invited to play the games with me or NGO DEI (bring your pals and kids and let's have fun with Hong Kong 90's redesigned games together), I have also created these mini games or artworks for free or paid lucky draw. Some games are for sale or pre-order, 30% of all sale profit will go to NGO DEI. If you will take the free little artwork, you can also consider to contribute a small donation (like a cup of coffee cost) to the organization so that they can run more cool programs : )

Apart from my own games, some original old skool Hong Kong games will be also displayed.

Besides the games, my taking-forever-time-to-finish animation will be also showing at the space, plus some original models I built, they will be exhibited to the public the first time. It's a 60-minute stop-motion animated film done by a single person including voices for 70+ characters, music, scripts, photo shooting, character design, subtitle, everything. And of course, it is about Hong Kong. If you want to come and watch, please kindly bring some pop-corn too.

Thank you very much again to Loretta, Ingrid and everyone who help organize the exhibition, also to Leo.

Feel free to share this to your friends who love chess, board games or animation. If you are currently in Prague or will go there, see you at the opening?

Get Go Games

Opening date: 24.07.2021

Opening time: 18:00 - 22:00

Duration: 24.7-14.8.2021

Time: 11:00-18:30

Venue: NGO DEI

Location: Letohradská 711/10, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha


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