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Special Chinese Meditation

Meditation is not just a popular thing in recent centuries but can be traced back in the Vedas (a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India hundreds or thousand years Before the Common Era) at its earliest records. It applies a salient role in the contemplative repertoire of Hinduism and Buddhism.

You can practice either alone indoor or gather with your friends and practice together outdoor, best would be surrounded by nature I would say. But of course you can also lock yourself up somewhere for a while, disconnected from anything that might disturb you such as mobile phone, computer, human, vexation, etc and practice meditation like those Kung Fu masters in old Chinese movies.

At the end it's about mindfulness, healing or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

In October 2019, a dozen participants raising their middle fingers during a meditation session at a park in Shanghai were captured by Shanghai Observed and the below video was shared on its Instagram later.

Lifting the middle finger is a smutty gesture in Western culture, but it does not hold the same meaning for relatively old generation in China. In this case, they look like they are practicing a form of hand mudra, a position that supposedly reinforces “specific healing states of mind,” according to meditation teacher Sah D’Simone, reported by Nextshark,

According to meditation teacher Megan Monahan the middle finger is said to represent fire, one of the five elements of the universe — alongside air, water, earth and spirit. While another yoga teacher Kaisa Kapanen says that the middle finger symbolizes “akasha” (a term for either space or aether in traditional Indian cosmology) or “connection.”

If you see people practicing this in the park around your living area one day, perhaps just join and feel the magic with them so you may feel the peace in your mind afterwards. Or, share this post to your friends who need to get rid of negative energy.

Thanks Gene, Koala and Shining for sharing.


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