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Keep It Rolling Boombox Exhibition

"THIS IS MY PASSION. WHAT’S YOURS?" Hong Kong Graffiti writer, Dreams, has not only one passion in writing graffiti but also in mixing music from cassette tapes and fixing his collected "ghetto blasters".

From starting a passion project five years ago to owning a collection of more than 80 boomboxes today, DREAMS has come a long way in his pursuit of promoting the local boombox culture. Rather than seeing himself as a collector, DREAMS feels more comfortable being a culture keeper who aims to share his knowledge with like-minded people. Determined to make boomboxes more accessible and find new homes for his boomboxes, DREAMS has decided to showcase part of his collection in this exhibition and hopes that his boomboxes can be inherited by like-minded enthusiasts.

Every boombox in DREAMS’ collection has gone through an immaculate process of deconstruction, cleaning and maintenance. Not only does he believe that going through these procedures are a means for him to show respect for these classic music players, but they are also a perfect way for him to become more familiarized with their design and history.

As an 80’s baby who grew up in public housing estates, these music players only briefly appeared in DREAMS’ childhood. Therefore, despite the fact that most of his boomboxes are as old as him, each and every boombox in DREAMS’ possession is a completely new encounter for him.

In a land where making money is prioritized and nothing lasts, some people choose to let go of the past, while some will do their best to embrace it. No matter what your choice is, there’s always a reason behind. “KEEP IT ROLLING” is not only the title of an exhibition; more importantly, it is DREAMS’ motto and vision in the hope of keeping the boombox culture alive.

Let’s dream on with passion and perseverance! KEEP IT ROLLING!

Here is the trailer of the exhibition:


展覽日期 Date:

11/9 (Fri) - 27/9 (Sun) (Closed on Monday)

時間 Hours:


地點 Venue:


地址 Location:


198 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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