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Hong Kong Rapper MC Dogg, Rest In The Brightside

Hong Kong rapper MC Dogg passed away in December, 2018 at his age of 42. Friends of his helped Dogg to continue his dreams, spreading his music to more audience, as well as to settle his accrued costs of seeing Chinese doctor and his medical expenses.

In order to achieve what they set out to do, one of MC Dogg's good friends, who is a local graff writer, Dreams, had different ideas to make it possible. Instead of turning tapes into digital files, he turned Dogg's digital music files into tapes. Dreams and his friends collected money from the sale of the tapes, as well as the t-shirts that they produced with a printed photograph of MC Dogg rapping, that was taken by their photographer friend, hoping they could pay the past due medical bills of Dogg's, despite the Chinese doctor declined the settlement with great courtesy and sympathy.

Dreams and other writers such as DSP, GRIV and SEAR organized a tribute together with friends of Dogg's, wished his soul rest in the bright side. More writers, rappers and friends came to visit a roof of the building, where they hosted the tribute and an old skool style barbecue.

<-- MC Dogg, "Rest In The Brightside" cassette tape

They painted, shared the stories of Dogg's and chatted about their busy life and stress in Hong Kong, which is also one of the main themes that MC Dogg rapped about. If you can read the lyrics of Dogg's tracks with his crew mate MC T.A.T. from Dark Side, you may understand what I mean. Here you can watch their music videos.

No doubt, the music of Dogg wouldn't be missed, the tracks from his crew Dark Side were played on Dream and his friend's "ghetto blaster" known as boombox. "Rest In The Brightside" is a wish from the friends to Dogg that he will rest in the brighter side after his death.

GRIV did an artwork for the event, based on their friends' joke including Dogg about the mask. Later he installed another artwork, a pigeon that is made of wire, interpreting their passed away friend could rest in peace and be free in the afterlife.

This is the latest music video that Dogg's friends help him to produce their last song after he died, with the footage and photos they took together when Dogg was still alive.

The following song is written by few Hong Kong rappers Tat, Carr and Rascal, showing their respect to MC Dogg, and to keep Dogg's memory and spirit alive.

If you want to support this idea and help spread their music, feel free to re-post this article. 20 copies of cassette tapes were produced and sold out. If you are still interested in getting a t-shirt, please contact Athan for it. Peace.

Photo: Friendly : ), GRIV, SEAR


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