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Hip Hop Unites Us

Organized by a Chinese graffiti writer Leven, "Hip Hop Unites Us" is an artistic campaign to recover the split between nation and races, through the campaign, Leven expects art could bring peace and love to people. So far there were over 15 graffiti writers and artists have expressed themselves over this topic and created art on different surfaces or mediums. Check them out.

Created by Rondruande

Created by Panda

Created by Moky / 莫急 (2R crew)

Created by Roce

Created by Tord

Created by Yiter, Dale and Jery

Created by Module and Jia Chao

Created by Coin

Created by Skven

Created by Leven

Created by Rindo

Created by Mo, Redy (BNS Crew), HKer, Cews

Thank you Mais to connect us to Leven, Invasian hopes to give a little helping hand by spreading this message to our audience. We could feel that since several years there were quite some discussions over different topics, from politics, global warming, science to the current epidemic issue, people have very different and some even with extreme opinions that put their friendship or even family relationship at risk.

Hip Hop has been connecting many people from all over the world. Through the culture people create art, music, projects, exhibitions, performance, missions, dreams, actions, etc together; share their ideas, experiences, stories without caring much about people's nationality, background and political point of view in most of the cases. Probably it is the best things about this culture in my eyes.

If you want to participate in such campaign, feel free to create something and send it over to Leven or Invasian, we could help pass your work to him as well. It doesn't have to be painting only, use your own art or way of expression to show the Hip Hop unity, I am sure it could apply to dance and music too.


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