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Updated: Aug 18, 2018

The 1st post after four years, finally the website of #Invasianmagazine has returned with completely new look and surprises! Thanks 3teev for proofreading the text of the website.

Explore the new

Invasian is planning to add more functions to the website in the future. Including area that could only accessed by our members. But what will the functions be? Give us a bit time, we will let you know soon

The online shop will also come back with different products that Invasian didn't carry before. At the moment the shop is not opened yet. But you can find some products description and how to get them through different ways.

Members area

There is a login button on the top right corner.

  1. Click "Login"

  2. If you are not a member yet, please sign up.

  3. Fill in the info, click "Go"

That's very simple. After login in you will be able to see your account info like "Profile", "My Account" and "My Orders". At the moment there won't be any order. But you can comment and like our post (if you want), ok at the moment there is only this post. And later on, this account will allow you to get special news and functions on this website. Stay tuned.

Deadline: 1st Oct, 2018

Submit your photos for Issue #6

As you might know or not know, that Invasian has released 5 issues totally so far. (What a slow magazine...) This year is the #10yearanniversary and Invasian is planning to bring the magazine back too. Documentation of graffiti is the major part but it is not all, we accept

other kinds of images for different contents too. You will find the deails on the page News.

Missing History

There use to be a lot of posts from the original website, Invasian also intends to build the archive back. Thanks to Martin Schulze from Public Delivery for the hints now Invasian knows how to get back the old data. But again, it will take time to do that manually, copying each post one by one.


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