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Hate it or Love it

Graffiti artist or writer Dwang is going to have his solo exhibition "Hate it or Love it" in Taiwan soon.

If you are a Kaohsiung local, you are no doubt familiar with these five letters: D - W - A - N - G. Painted all over the city, the name ‘DWANG’ has become part of the Kaohsiung urban landscape. Young and ambitious, Taiwanese graffiti artist DWANG will take over Arcade Art Gallery, and cover the gallery's walls.

HATE IT OR LOVE IT will showcase these live works on June 19th.

Opening: 19/6/2020

Opening time: 6:00 pm

Duration: 19 - 30/6/2020

Venue: Arcade Art Gallery

Location: #154-2f Nanhua Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan



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