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City of Creation by The Wa

Another post I am in a hurry to complete before the year 2021 arriving! Once in a while I visit a small town or village named as Polzow in Germany, for work, or for whatever. The place is surrounded by fields, nature, big living houses, and... perhaps animals like foxes, deer, wild rabbits, cranes, etc, if you have luck.

Usually I would pass by a small grey building on the way to my destination, not today. In fact, the building is still there, but with a new look and a layer of bright color covered on its front.

It is not an official city creation or village renewal project, instead, it was spontaneously painted by a French street artist The Wa. Months ago I received the following photos, The Wa painted the power station under Joshi and Wolfram's help.

This kid alike painting style did give a new attractive look to this dull power station. As we all know, kids are very powerful but also vulnerable, destructive but super creative. Kids are innocent and imaginative. With their art and enlighten ideas, the "grey" world is definitely more colorful and surprising. Even if they fail, they at least try. Thanks The Wa for sharing the flicks.


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