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Ching Chong Event

Yeh Yeh I got it, it's a joke... Many friends of ours from abroad would tease us about our languages and probably our eyes too... we get it, as soon as we are friends, you don't mean harm, right? However, when you are a celebrity with loads of Asian fans, they might think differently.

18 years old American rapper Lil Pump uploaded an unreleased song with some words like Ching Chong and more that were disrespectful to Asian or Chinese last month. Asian rappers like China Mac, MC Jin and PG One sent their messages back to Pump through different ways. D Rebound 99 made couple of videos about the case, check the below videos from them:

At the end Lil Pump apologize to Asians on Christmas last year, it shows that he did learn from his mistakes, it was a Christmas gift from him to all Asian on earth.

Well, It's 2019, our world is changing very fast, sometimes things come fast like a wave. Let's be positive, try to understand each other's culture more and give each other a bit more of respect : ) Peace.


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