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Meeting of Styles Taiwan

YoOohoO, finally Meeting of Styles will be held its first time in Taiwan! The event will take place at Taishan District for 3 consecutive days with Hip Hop session in September. It will be held in an abandoned factory with three floors which has more than 100 walls. There will be also party, B-Boy jam, scratch jam, black book jam and tag & throw-up battle besides the graffiti jam. What about the food? There will be food available from the food truck, if not, outside the venue it is surrounded by many local shops and restaurant. Go join them, discover and experience. At the moment they are calling for worldwide and local artist to join, if you are interested, feel free to apply. Applications are now open until 1st of August.

Taiwan still has entry quarantine and epidemic prevention policies. For international artists who want to participate in the event, please refer to the relevant regulations.

Meeting of Styles 2022 Taiwan

Open call for artists: Now - 1/8/2022

Event duration: 9 - 11/9/2022

Venue: Abandoned factory at Taishan District

Location: 104,Sec. 1, Mingzhi Rd., Taishan Dist., New Taipei City,Taiwan

Thanks Flip1 for sharing.


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