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Invasian is now accepting flicks and your story for the next issue. Please submit your materials such as texts and images before the real last deadline 1st Oct, 2018   30th Nov, 2018  25th Dec, 2018  26th Jan, 2019  31st Jan, 2019.


  • We prefer photos that haven’t been uploaded to the net 

  • 300dpi (for print issue in case, not decided yet.)

  • Taken in Asia (2017 - 2018)

  •  Please name your files e.g. YourTag_Crew_Country_Year.jpg


Invasian Magazine would like to support tattoo artists from Asia. If you want to share your work, please send us your website link (best online portfolio) or 20 images (max. 1MB each) for us to preview and select.


Each issue of Invasian Magazine will include 1 page of illustrations. We have opened this space for illustrators who want to showcase their work.

We also accept animation as an extra link to watch, please send your work:

  • 210 x 280mm in 300dpi (print version) OR

  • 210 x 280mm in 144dpi (digital version)

  • Send us your animation link if you submit for digital


If you want us to cover your shop info in Asia, please contact us and ask for details, a small fee might be charged in order to support the magazine and future events of Invasian. Who knows, we might support you for free. The categories include:

  • Graffiti store

  • Tattoo shop

  • Fixed-Gear shop

  • Dance Studio

If you think your store is of interest to our readers and Invasian should share, you can advertise with us.

For all column, chosen work will be shown in the next issue. A free magazine will be given as soon as Invasian decides to do print version, otherwise the digital magazine will be sent instead.

Please submit your works by sending us email to or clicking the submit button.

  • Record store

  • Skateboard shop

  • Street wear store

  • Urban Art Gallery

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