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In order to support artists under the COVID-19 period, Invasian has chosen several products which are created by different urban artists globally who contribute a lot in their graffiti / urban art scene, helping them to sell their selected items via our shop. 

In this case, couple female writers from the Hong Kong female graffiti crew BNS (one is a fashion label owner and the other one is a freelance art director / artist), have been sewing masks by hands or machine on their own for people and writers around them in U.K. and Germany (because of total lack of mask supply situation in those countries where they are living) first for free or sell at shipping cost only. Since there were many requests they couldn't continue to make on their own by hands, but to help reduce the rate of the virus transmission in communities everywhere, they are making more masks and will send to most of the countries in the world. The item is in production now and if you need one, here is one option. Place an order, the ladies will be grateful and the money they might earn they will use it on other ways to support more people.

Color: Red
Materials: 100% cotton and double layered. Stainless steel bendy wire and an adjustable elastic loop.

Quantity: Limited

Face Mask - Red

  • This face mask is not meant to replace surgical face masks, it is for personal use only and we suggest you to wash before you use, although the farbic is clean before production process. The mask is machine washable (with disinfectant ideally) and we recommend washing it after each use.

  • Free shipping. This item will be shipped at the end of May. European countries air mail will take about 3-4 days and the rest of the countries will take around 2 weeks.

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