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Wuhan Jiāyóu

Sorry had paused a while again. While many of us were looking forward to welcoming the new decade in 2020, Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly in China. Lots of news and uncertain information have been released at the beginning, this is likely due to the virus has been evolving quickly since 1st of December 2019, otherwise WHO (World Health Organization) wouldn't have apologized and declared the 2019-nCoV has become PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern) few days after they say it was too early to raise the alarm. * "We appreciate the seriousness with which China is taking this outbreak, especially the commitment from top leadership, and the transparency they have demonstrated, including sharing data and genetic sequence of the virus.” although Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization Director General said in a statement and had confidence in China, many people are wondering when this could be stopped. Guess we will have to leave this question open, only time will tell.

*IHR Emergency Committee for Pneumonia due to the Novel Conronavirus 2019-nConV transcript of a press briefing - 23 January 2020

IHR Emergency Committee for Pneumonia due to the Novel Conronavirus 2019-nConV transcript of a press briefing - 22 January 2020

Invasian has been in touch with about 10 writers from Wuhan, Shanghai, ChengDu, Beijing, Xiamen from time to time since the 2019-nCoV caught our attention. Most of them have been staying at home, just one period some of them didn't response but that seemed to be because of internet problem occurred. They are all fine. (what a relief!) We will keep our fingers crossed for all the writers (and in fact everyone) from everywhere in the world.

During our conversation, one of the Chinese writers shared this online event called "Wuhan Jiāyóu" under another activity "Business will resume on Chūbā (lunar calendar 8th Jan) 初八啟市" held by bunches of Chinese writers.

Currently most of the people in China are limited to go out due to many reasons such as no mask, risk of getting infected, only 1 person from each flat is allowed to leave home in 2 days in some areas, 14 days compulsory quarantine on all arrivals from Wuhan, etc, therefore, online communication is one of the very few ways that they can connect each other.

Organized by four parties CRC 青红之间, The Spot Graffiti 雾点塗鸦, China Graffiti 中国塗鸦 and LOCALBOYS, they were calling writers to submit drafts and digital sketches entitled "Wuhan Jiāyóu" which aimed to cheer the Wuhan people on. Here are some sketches submitted and uploaded to their website.

By Thugs

By Kuhn

By Noob

By West One

By AlanBigB

By Kayan

By Richard

By Rens

You can surely tell the graffiti is evolving too, from hand drafts to digital, there are more sketches can be seen here as well. The judges will evaluate and score all entries, and the results will be announced on 17th February, 2020 on their website.

Although the contest submission deadline is over, I would love to share it as I found the event is very meaningful and full of concern, especially to the writers in Wuhan. There are couple videos (video1 , video2) combined by many writers from China based on the same topic as well. Although we don't encourage writers to show their faces publicly including their tag and location, these videos do show their braveness and great love to people in Wuhan.

We hope everyone will be safe and healthy, and the virus will be gone soon (which means still at least 1-2 months to go). You are welcome to share some support and handwriting letters to the writers in China if you want Invasian to pass the messages to some of them. Simply send an image of your letters on paper or even pieces on any surface to our IG or email. We'll make sure your message will be passed on to them.


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