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Gåsebäck GraffitiPark in Helsingborg, Sweden

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

A few months ago friend of mine sent me quite some photos from Helsingborg, Sweden while he was painting at a local hall of fame named Gåsebäck GraffitiPark.

"Insane & Unstable" by Cews & Ake

By Skize

I have never been to there, however, by the amount of pieces that Cews sent me, it looks like it's quite a big park for graffiti pieces painting. What makes it very convenient is that it seems like there is a store there at there park where you can buy spray cans.

it is very interesting to see many different styles from Sweden, some are quite unique and with good concept, so I thought I'd pick a couple dozen of them and share to our audience, although the pieces might be covered already, as these pictures were received in September this year.

Thanks Cews for sharing.


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