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Flow It

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Since we were told by our Philippines friends about the lock down situation there because of ConV-19, we want to continue our 2nd battle "Flow It" - The Philippines Rap Music Battle to be taken place in The Philippines. We would love to have a live battle and event there, however, we could only do it online.

Through one of Invasian team members, we contacted Third-Flo, who is a known rapper from The Philippines, and Third-Flo was suggested to be the judge of the battle, therefore we invited him and Third-Flo said yes quickly to be our "Flow It" judge. Thanks for his support, we are be able to throw this battle for everyone.

Actually not everyone, we first wanted to have 3 judges and host this battle for worldwide. However, thinking of the languages, we limited the competition at the end to The Philippines, and only rap in English and Tagalog will be accepted. We hope in the future we will be able to run a battle like this again and open to more musicians and rappers.

Like the first battle "Write Here Write Now", we will give a small cash price as HK$1500. We just rounded it up to PHP10000, but, we wanted to support the musician(s) / rapper(s) more, so, I went to my friend who is one of the founders of a music software developing company – Sugar Bytes from Germany, and asked for a free music software for the winner as a birthday present for INVASIAN's 12th anniversary.

Thanks to Sugar Bytes, the winner will be given one music software / tool and he or she can choose any one from their products besides the Sugar Bundle, which is a package of all products. Does it sound attractive to you? If you want to join, here you can check the rules and details, submission will be closed on 31/7/2020.


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